Freightage to Pakistan!
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    Freightage to Pakistan

    Грузоперевозки в Пакистан
    Geographically Pakistan is at a considerable distance from Russia, but herewith the transportation of freights between Pakistan and Russia is possible not only by sea-lanes to the port of Karachi, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, but also by road. Our company is ready to offer our customers the opportunity of shipment between the two countries via the Northern Sea Route or by the Black Sea ports of Russia. 

    Experience has shown that in many cases the Northern route is faster and more cost-effective. Selection of a specific route is determined by the endpoint of a consignor/recipient in Russia.

    A noteworthy detail is that communication between countries is possible by road. In this case, freightage to Pakistan is carried out through the territory of neighboring Iran.

    Route to Pakistan via Iran

    Despite the existence of several routes for Pakistan- Russia cargo transportation, the way through the territory of Iran is not only the fastest, but also safe. Another option of moving through Kazakhstan and China is much longer by mileage, and driving through the Central Asian republics and Afghanistan cannot even be made allowance for.

    From the outside, it may seem that when arranging delivery from the eastern regions of Russia, the “Chinese” way seems more profitable, but the experience of our company indicates the opposite. It is better to spend a few extra days on the territory of Russia than to face difficulties abroad ulteriorly.

    Our company has a proven partner in Iran, STC, which has a positive effect on the delivery time and its reliability. When selecting over-the-road truck transport, the main delivery points for freights in Pakistan are the large cities of Hyderabad and Bahawalpur, from where logistics are already built to other settlements in the Asian country.

    Ancillary services

    Freightage to Pakistan provides not only a direct transportation process, but also a lot of related operations. For unloading, our Trd Logistic company offers a full package of services.

    Having the necessary work experience, our specialists at a high level will ensure:

    • Handling operations in Russia and Pakistan.
    • Packaging, marking.
    • Execution of shipping documentation and certification.
    • Customs declaring procedure.
    • Forwarding support.

    Our customers have the opportunity to constantly receive information about the location of their cargo at the moment. Trade Logistic specialists carry out continuous cargo support, quickly connecting to solving problems arising during transportation.

    We guarantee that the cargo will be delivered safely to the addressee within the time frame specified by the contract.

    For those who plan to conduct foreign economic activity with partners from Pakistan, the choice of Trd Logistic company will become an urgent decision.
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