Freightage to Iran!
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    Freightage to Iran

    Freightage to Iran
    Freightage to Iran is a highly-demanded area of foreign trade activities for Russian companies. At the same time, the country has a rather developed transport and logistics infrastructure, which allows the use of various delivery schemes using road, railway and sea transport.

    In Iran, there are about a dozen large transport hubs, some of which are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, which allows the use of maritime transport to carry measurement freight.

    Delivering cargo to Iran on railway is carried out to Astara station in the north of the country.

    When using ground transport, our company is ready to offer customers the opportunity to deliver cargo to large cities:

    • Tehran;
    • Bushehr;
    • Isfahan;
    • Tabriz;
    • Astara;
    • Mashhad;
    • Shiraz.


    Cargo transportation between Iran and Russia along the Caspian Sea is possible to the ports of Enzali, Amirabad, Noushahr.

    This method is the only one possible that allows to avoid crossing of the state borders of transit countries during shipping.
    Our employees have commanding work experience of freightage arrangement to Iran, which allows to develop an appropriate logistical support structure in each case in the context of the timing, cost of delivery and safety of departure. A footprint in the local market for a long time allows us to define the detailed features and peculiarities of the local transport system and legislation, providing customers the best possible conditions for realizing their wishes with modern-day provisions.

    Shipment to Central Asia through Iranian territory.

    Cargo transportation between Iran and Russia is also possible in the furtherance of the transport corridor organization to Central Asian countries. Today, it is this route that is the most convenient for delivering a variety of freights to Central Asia.
    The starting point of the route is the port of Bender Abbas on the Gulf coast. Representatives of our company are constantly in the port to personally control all the processes.

    The prospect of using transit through the territory of Iran is evidenced by the fact that delivery from Indian Mumbai to Moscow by the typical route over the Red Sea requires up to 80-90 days, while transportation through Iran takes only 30-40 days. As a result, transit time is more than halved.

    Ancillary services

    Delivery of cargo to and from Iran involves not only direct transportation, but also a wide range of minor service operations, including documentation, customs clearing, packaging, marking, and so on.
    Our specialists are ready to take on all these concerns.

    List of ancillary services provided by us:

    • Cargo handling.
    • Packaging and marking.
    • Confirming paper work.
    • Forwarding services.
    • Customs clearing.

    Awarding a contract with our company give you integrated services, and completely exemption from routine processes related to delivery.

    Trd Logistic company is the responsibility, reliability and high quality of the services rendered.

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    Freightage to Iran

    Freightage to Iran

    Cargo transportation of tableware from Iran to Russia.

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