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Trd Logistic is one of russian freightage leaders. We deal with cargo transportation to Mideast. The company has been largely successful in fool-proof and well-worked cargo transportation, this result has mostly been achieved due to efforts of the professional team and its fine-tuned plan of actions. Company employees have an ample experience, and they enlarge it annually.

We trust those who trust us.

Prosperity of large and mid-cap companies in the ranks of our long-term customers directly depends on the timely cargo delivery to the point of destination. Therefore, the vast majority of long-term customers certify that we can and should be trusted. For this, our logistician will think over and provide a detailed cargo delivery plan, keep a good watch on all routes and prepare loading-out in a nuanced way.

Company design package.

Multimodal freightage has become almost the main type of cargo delivery for Trd Logistic. This means that at a remote final point, our logistician will prepare the delivery of one freight by various traffic modes. Unbeatable transportation routes will ensure the delivery of cargo in the shortest time span. Our company’s specialists conduct a full analysis of the route logistics, from changes in political relations of countries to the closure of the route for repair work.
ТРД Логистик

Trd Logistic is one of the leaders among logistics companies in Russia.

We are engaged in the freightage to the Middle East.

The company has achieved great success in the safe and high-quality freightage.

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ТРД Логистик
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